Thursday, July 18, 2024

Christmas in July - Day Eighteen


Brought to you Around the 'Net today - Christmas bedding.  Do you have Christmas bedding during the holiday season?  It's one of those things, right up there with making my own fruitcake and Yule log, that I hope to do this year.

Kohl's has an amazing selection of holiday bedding.  Here are two of my favorites.

A set with more of traditional vibe - love the Merry and Christmas pillows.

And a set with a bit of whimsy.  Pink was hugely popular as a complimentary color last holiday season and this is a great example.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Christmas in July - Day Seventeen


Do you have a family game night?  How about during the holidays, with some holiday-specific games?  These are our two favorites.

We've played Holiday Yahtzee as a family, and we played it at our Lunch Bunch's holiday brunch gathering one year.

Dominoes is always fun!

There are several versions of Hallmark's Monopoly.  The one above is featured on although it's out of stock right now.
This is another version; there is also the Countdown to Christmas version and a Keepsake Ornament version.  I'll have to see what pops up in my Hallmark store as we get closer to Christmas.

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Volume 560

From this Side of the Pond
It's time for the Hodgepodge.  Click on the graphic above to join us.

1. What is an adult problem nobody prepared you for?

Parenting an adult child.  I think worrying began when she was born, and it hasn't let up one bit!  

2. Without mentioning any tech, what's your most prized possession? 

A book of fairy tales I received for my 8th birthday, inscribed by my Dad.  It was a different birthday that year; we moved from California to Belgium and were still in the hotel awaiting housing and our household goods to arrive.

3. It's National Peach Ice Cream Day (July 17th). Will you be celebrating? Do you like peaches? Given a choice would you prefer peach ice cream, peach pie, peach cobbler, or just hand me a peach? Do you own anything that is peach in color? 

Peaches are ok, not my favorite fruit.  I'm not sure I've eaten them any other way than in those little fruit cups that were in my lunchbox.  I don't think I've ever eaten peach ice cream, and peach pie or cobbler don't really appeal to me.  I'm more of an apple pie or cobbler person.  I am racking my brain to remember anything peach in my wardrobe or house and coming up with nothing.

4. What makes a friendship successful?

Loyalty is number one.  Common interests and a sense of humor would be next. 

5. Let's give our brains a rest and do a little summertime this or that...beach or pool? ice cream or snowcone? amusement park or camping? burger or hot dog? watermelon or strawberries? get up early or sleep in late? sunrise or sunset?

Beach or pool?  If I had to pick one, it would be the pool.

Ice cream.  Amusement park.  Burger.  Strawberries.  Get up early and sunrise. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

Have you been on a cruise, plan to cruise, or just dream of a cruise?  This gives me the chills:

Cruising the high seas with almost 10,000 other people (7600 maximum capacity + 2350 crew)??  No, thank you.  I took one look at this and decided I'm definitely a small ship type of cruiser.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Christmas in July - Day Sixteen (If this is Tuesday, it must be England #174)


A quick post prepped over the weekend as we spent Monday with Sophia and got home late.  Here are some of King Charles III and Queen Camilla's Christmas cards.

2023's card - King Charles III and Queen Camilla wearing their coronation robes

2022 - their first card as King and Queen, taken at the Braemar Highland Games in Scotland

2021 - as the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in a photo showing them adjusting their face coverings at Royal Ascot

Do you send photo cards at Christmas?

Monday, July 15, 2024

Christmas in July Catch-Up - Days Eleven, Twelve, and Fifteen


Day Eleven brings us this great Christmas Checklist from Around the 'Net.  It's from the blog House Mix - scroll down on the blog to Categories and select Christmas for some great decorating and gift-giving ideas.  She also has a PDF budget worksheet.

Food on Friday was a search for Christmas tree appetizers.  There are a host of ideas using charcuterie fixings, fruit, veggies, pastry, even sushi or tortilla rolls.  Flat on a serving dish or upright, your Christmas tree appetizer is bound to be the center of your refreshment table.  Here are two of my favorites:

I found today's craft over ten years ago and it is a great way to gift mini-muffins or cookies.  Dismantle a foil, cling film, or wax paper box, wrap it in festive wrap, put it back together again, and you have a unique gift box.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Wimbledon 2024

Great matches, congratulations to all the players and the champions for 2024. 

Christmas in July - Day Fourteen


We moved from Virginia to Rhode Island in 2007 and were there until 2012.  Our friend Janet from England came to visit in the summer, and we enjoyed lots of outings as we showed her around our local area.  One of our favorite trips during this time was to Boston and I picked up these two ornaments as mementos.  The first one is Make Way for Duckings, from the book by Robert McCloskey, and from the bronze statues in the Boston Public Garden.

The second ornament is from the Old North Church.  We took a bus tour of the city on the first day we were there - on one of the five hottest days in Boston that year - and on the second day of our visit, we walked the Freedom Trail.

I love to collect ornaments from the places we visit although it makes tree-decorating a very long process when I stop to remember the visit and the people we met or who were with us.