Monday, July 19, 2021

Hello Monday


The weather:::
Summer in Western Washington.

On my reading pile:::.
Working my way through my stack from the library - She Wore Only White by Dorthe Binkert was a meh.  I was really left hanging by the ending, read it twice, and still totally confused.  I found one online review where the blogger said she wouldn't put up a spoiler and I left a comment saying please put up a spoiler, hoping she would give an opinion on the ending but haven't heard anything yet.  My current read is part two in the Rutherford series by Elizabeth Cooke, The Wild Dark Flowers.

On my TV:::
Finished up Season 3 of Quantico and now I'm working my way through the seasons of Good Witch.  I've watched the movies and I've moved on to the television series.

Checked off the list:::
We're almost there!  After 100 month, this month, next week...we're finally at Vic will be home this week.  I'm hoping that the typhoon that's headed there way is over and gone and doesn't mess with the flight schedules.

Crafts Roundup:::
I had a fun weekend at a virtual scrapbook event.  Nine presenters showed us a variety of page layouts over three days.  The sessions were recorded as I could only attend two out of the three days so I need to watch Friday's session to see what I missed.

And in other news:::
Sophia finished up her first week of horse camp and the campers had a fun time learning all about horses and horse care.  This week, she's back at school for an Under the Sea camp.  Just call her Ariel.  Got up early on Friday to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as it opened up for influencers.  Can't say I consider myself an influencer at all, I just must have bought enough last year to be considered one!  I bought two pairs of Wit & Wisdom jeans, my last size and one smaller.  Hoping the smaller one fits now and I can exchange my last size pair for a smaller size as well.  That was really about it for last week - work was frantic as I try to get everything organized for the time I will be out of the office and I had things to do around the house when I got home.  It was an accelerated pace of the work, eat, sleep routine.

A few photos from my camera roll last week - I really must step up my game or I'll have precious little to scrapbook when it comes to working on the 2021 album!

A cute card I saw at the Hallmark Ornament Premiere - sorry about the glare from the plastic wrapping - I need to get one of these letter boards

Were you a Nancy Drew fan?


  1. I'm so excited that Vic will be home this week!! I can only imagine how you and Sophia feel. And Vic! I got my ornaments picked up with no problem. I'm glad pre-paying was a good experience, but I've already marked Ornament Weekend OFF my calendar for next week. I don't want to miss going in person again!

  2. Home this week...yea! Yes, I was definitely a Nancy Drew fan. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. Looks like you had a busy week Yes I was a Nancy Drew fan I still have Moms collection of her books from the 50 . They started my reading craze.b

  4. So excited for you that Vic will be home soon!!

  5. Would love to know more about the virtual scrapbook event. How did you hear about it? My sister and I would love to do that together.
    Yes, to Nancy Drew!!
    And yes, you need to get a message board. I have really had fun with mine!!