Monday, September 8, 2014

The Week Ahead - September 8

Outside my window...It's dark because it's 5:45am. Sophia and I got up with Vic this morning - I fixed his breakfast and lunch for work while Sophia was up early because her part-time job when she gets to college will be from 5:00am to 8:00am so she needs to get in the groove of waking up at 4:30am. It is forecast to be 74 degrees today, partly cloudy and with showers later tonight. The weather here in Washington has been warmer than we expected and we have been told that this summer has been unusually warm.

I am thinking...that there is just over a week left until we take Sophia off to college.

I am thankful...that she won't be that far away!

From the kitchen...healthy, healthy, healthy. We are on the Whole 30 eating program and today is Day 15. We aren't supposed to weigh ourselves during this time so I don't have any numbers but I do feel that my clothes are looser.

I am hearing...the washer and Sophia moving around in her room.

One of my favorite things...the new mini-series Outlander.  They are doing a fabulous job.

I am reading...Restarted Lauraine Snelling's Red River of the North series and all its follow-on books.  I'm on number 11 right now, Sophie's Dilemma.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...plunging headlong into the Officers' Spouses' network with two Welcome Socials this week - the local group has theirs on Friday morning and the ship's group is the same day but in the evening.  I hope I meet a group of ladies as fabulous as the group I had in Virginia.

Volunteer Update...Nothing; not sure where I plan to volunteer yet.

College Update...Most of the shopping is done - one more trip should do it.  Sophia is moving in four days early because she has volunteered to be part of the HELPs program which provides assistance to students moving in - helping carry their things from cars to dorms and assisting with directions to orientation and campus locations.  We will head up there next week to move her into her dorm.  Her roommate is also volunteering for the program.  We'll be back three days later to attend the family orientation and other events for new students.

Travel and Family Field Trips Update...Washington is so beautiful and there is so much to see and do.  We took a trip yesterday to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.  Absolutely stunning vistas and along the way, we found lots of places to add to our must-see list.

MudLynn loved her outing in the car
A section of Hurricane Ridge behind us
A shot on the descent from Hurricane Ridge
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