Monday, October 25, 2021

Around Here

The weather:::
A couple of breezy days in Western Washington and then wet, that's fall here.

On my reading pile:::.
The Rose Code by Kate Quinn, really enjoying this one.  The Collector's Daughter by Gill Paul is in at the library but I forgot to pick it up yesterday so I'll have to call and ask if they will hold it until next Saturday.  It's due to go back to the library I requested it from on Thursday and they really stick to those dates.  I had a little browse around Barnes & Noble yesterday - so many great Christmas magazines, it's so hard to pick just one.  Haven't picked yet, that's usually part of our Christmas Eve visit as a family.

On my TV:::
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's premieres on Countdown to Christmas 2021 on The Hallmark Channel.  Totally lost myself in picturesque towns, beautifully decorated trees, lots of hot cocoa, and all the holiday trimmings.  The latest episode of the new season of The Great British Baking Show - I'm on their Facebook page but I have to scroll quickly past any posts because the episode airs on Tuesday in the UK and I don't want to read any spoilers..

Checked off the list:::
We have a date for the contractor to begin the kitchen work!  8:00am, December 27, I can't wait.  I booked Vic's flight for Christmas and we decided on a paint color for the kitchen.  We're going with Silver Bullet again.

Crafts Roundup:::
Working on at least one page a day in the current album - 2012 Family Album.  Looking forward to the virtual retreat planned for November 4-5-6.  It's in the evenings on Thursday and Friday and all day Saturday so I don't have to take any time off work.

And in other news:::
The dining room server arrived on Saturday.  I paid for doorstep delivery and that's exactly what they were going to do until I asked them very nicely if they would slide it over the threshold and into the house.  There it sits, waiting for Vic to come home so we can unpack it and put the feet on it and the shelves inside.  We're actually going to use it in the living room with the TV on top and our video/audio components inside along with the remaining DVDs that we have.
A couple of photos from World Market - stacks and stacks of Christmas goodies coming everywhere you look.

Advent calendars everywhere, in every combination - chocolate, shortbread, jams, tea, coffee, cocoa,  hot sauce - something for everyone

The shelves are filling up in the international section - British, Italian, German to name a few

So you stay well-lit, I presume? 😜

I've been very remiss with my  Rudolph Days posts.  Today is the 25th so here it is.

What's Rudolph Day? Here is the definition according to Organized Christmas:
A few years ago, members of our Christmas community began to observe "Rudolph Day" on the 25th of each month.
On that day, we take a few moments to plan some simple tasks for the month ahead, in order to get ready for Christmas Day with plenty of time to spare. By starting early--and working a bit at a time on each month's Rudolph Day--it's easy to prepare for Christmas, save money on gifts, and cut holiday stress.
Here's the annual line-up with the sub-theme (if there is one) in parentheses:

January - Tie Up Loose Ends (gather ideas and organize your Christmas notebook)
February - Begin a Holiday Letter
March - Birthday Gift-Buying Strategy (party planning for the holiday season)
April - Plan Holiday Crafts
May - Catalog Shopping Tips
June - Recipe Round Up
July - Choose a Holiday Plan (Christmas in July celebration)
August - Craft Control (thinking ahead to Elf on the Shelf)
September - Prepare for Holiday Gifts and Giving
October - Plan Holiday Meals
November - Write Holiday Letter

The bottom line is...prepare for Christmas by doing something every month and make the 25th of each month a Rudolph Day by doing something Christmasy!

Less than ten weeks to go until Christmas, time to kick up those Christmas plans a notch!

This month's movie is a slight departure from usual Christmas offering, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Have a great Rudolph Day!


  1. Gil Paul is one of my fave authors. Thanks for cluing me in on Rudolph Day! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love the dining room server. I am working on a albulm for the holidays. The Library will work with you I am sure.

  3. I need to check out those advent calendars. I'm thinking we might simplify this year to just chocolate. Have a wonderful week!