Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Week Ahead - December 2

Outside my window...45 degrees right now and darkness punctuated by assorted neighbors who appear to competing against each other for the most garish light display.  White, red, blue, I'm waiting for someone to put up green to complete the Christmas color scheme.
I am thinking...that the plan to have both a star at the top of the tree and ribbons cascading down was a big mistake - back to the star-only version. 

I am thankful...that there were no ornament mishaps this year - or tree mishaps.  Memories of the year my nephews pulled the(ir) entire tree over still make me cringe...and chuckle.  Honestly, it was pretty funny!

From the kitchen...the last of the turkey leftovers.

I am hearing...the washer and the heater.  All else is quiet apart from the clicking of keyboards as all three of us work on our laptops.
Always one of my favorite things...treasured ornaments and the memories that go with them.

I am reading...nothing right now.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...Sophia's riding lesson tomorrow, Tidewater Collection board meeting on Wednesday, lunch with a dear friend on Thursday and maybe a craft fair this weekend.  Rumor has it the Polish Pottery lady makes an appearance at this particular fair - not sure if that makes me want to go or stay away!

College Update...Sophia's last week of school before finals.  Once all her classes are over, she'll be finishing up her Washington college applications and getting them in the mail.

Volunteer Update...Still no word from Vic's command - this is a good thing.

Travel and Family Field Trips the past tense of forgo, forwent?  Quick look in the dictionary and yes, it is!  We forwent Black Friday's chaos this year - it used to be fun but now it's just madness and true to form, this year someone stabbed someone else over a parking space and two women came to blows in Wal-Mart over a television set!  Honestly, is it really such a bargain?  We had a lazy morning and then headed out to do our annual Target gift shopping trip (note to self:  it's really not that much fun with just the three of us) and then tried to get into the movies to see the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Tried is the key word here as we were unsuccessful so we settled for P. F. Chang's instead and then headed home.  As I re-read this paragraph, a trip to Target and P. F. Chang's seems a pretty poor travel and family field trip update.

It's December 1 so it's time for White Rabbit and the Little Dude:

and the pièce de résistance for the weekend:

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  1. I think Target and PF Changs sounds wonderful! :-)