Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Week Ahead - June 16

Outside my window...75 degrees already this morning and we're going to hit 90 today.  A blissful 51 and raining in Bremerton.
I am thinking...about everything that has to be done before we move.

I am thankful...for a great brunch with my Tidewater Collection co-volunteers yesterday morning.

From the kitchen...fish, fish, or fish.

I am hearing...the clock ticking.
One of my favorite things...a table set for a festive brunch, lunch or dinner.  The table at yesterday's brunch featured nautical napkins and place mats and a lovely floral centerpiece.

I am still reading...Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters...still haven't had time to read so much as a paragraph lately and it still doesn't look good for this week either.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...brunch yesterday followed by a few hours receiving new merchandise at the Tidewater Collection, meeting with the new Volunteer Coordinator tomorrow, stopping off at the Tidewater Collection on Thursday to see the photos one of our volunteers took during her recent trip to Paris, working at the Tidewater Collection with a volunteer who has not yet been trained on the new computer system on Friday, working on Saturday to move furniture and make our Tidewater Collection extended shop space ready to go, and taking Vic to the airport on Sunday.  Apart from picking up Sophia after her riding lesson this afternoon, I'm spending the day getting ready for the housing pre-move inspection which is tomorrow afternoon.  It's a Tidewater Collection kind of week! 

College Update...a week closer to Sophia's telephone meeting with her advisor after July 29, housing assignments and parking permit issuance both on August 1.

Volunteer Update...turning over the Volunteer Coordinator position tomorrow although I'm still on the schedule for a few more training dates.  Must finish my shopping before I lose my 25% discount!

Travel and Family Field Trips Update...Vic's heading to San Diego this weekend for a class - that's the only thing on the travel schedule.

We finally took the plunge and bought a new vehicle - meet Betty Blue, a 2015 Subaru Forester.  It's going to be a much smoother ride across the country in August.  Sophia inherited Bamm-Bamm, the Hyundai Accent, and we'll ship it to Washington so she can have it at college.  Vic remains faithful to Henry Ford Ranger.  Yes, they all have crazy names!

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  1. I like your new car. Ashley recently bought a new Renault Clio exactly the same colour, and I really like it, as we've never had a blue car before.