Sunday, December 14, 2014

3rd Annual Christmas City Swap - Reveal

I sent off my entry for the 3rd Annual Christmas City Swap hosted by Allison over at be up & doing and received this lovely package of goodies from Whitney.  She included a card saying that she had read my blog and could see how much I loved England hence the contents of the package - the January 2015 issue of Britain magazine (one of my favorites!) and a two-pack of England-themed journals.  I have a special purpose for these journals which cannot be revealed until after Christmas so stay tuned.  I will say that I had been looking at these exact same journals at my local bookstore, what a coincidence.  Thank you, Whitney, I love my package!  Please check out Whitney's page, Whitney Elizabeth Green, she's an amazing multi-platform, visual media producer and graciously offered to talk to Sophia should she have any journalism questions.

I'll post the details of my Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas package that's on its way to Michigan as soon as I know that it has been received.  Don't want to give away the surprise in case the recipient is reading my blog!

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