Monday, February 1, 2016

Life Last Week 2016-5

Still looking for that house in the rain because that's the only weather to report for last week. Thank goodness for rain jackets! It was back to work for a full five-day week - the only good thing I can say about that is that it was busy and it flew. It was quitting time on Friday before I knew it.

I attended the first Family Readiness Group meeting since the ship left. It went quite well - the officers are young and inexperienced and will be the first to admit it. I think they are going a great job. The attendance was not what I thought it would be but we'll see how things progress. I stayed chatting for rather longer than I intended so it was a late evening. I raced home to throw together a quick dinner which I watched with the day-after-the-show online episode of Downton Abbey.

Not too much else to report during the week. My weekend plan was a trip up to Bellingham for the Western Washington Equestrians Home Show so I ran to Costco on Friday night for gas ($1.85 - not sure what gas prices are like in your area but that's a score for us!) and ran in for a few things. Couldn't believe my eyes to find Downton Abbey Season 6 on sale. Just couldn't pass that up. So, even though I planned to get up early to head to Bellingham, I ended up binge-watching the whole series until 1:30am. No spoilers, but I cried at the end, not a sad kind of cry, just an "I can't believe it's all over" cry as I bid adieu to some of my favorite characters.

Needless to say, up early the next morning didn't happen so I was scrambling to make a ferry that was going to get me up to Bellingham in time to watch Sophia ride. The drive was easy and I was up there in plenty of time. She rode well and placed fourth; when I talked to her after the ride, she said she knew there were some things she could have done differently. Perhaps the three exams last week, the falling off a horse the night before (a hasty dismount when her horse was spooked that landed her in a heap on the ground), or the getting up at 3:00am that morning to help out at the show had something to do with her less than stellar performance. I left after her ride to head to her apartment to take care of MudLynn and she skipped the evening banquet in favor of a nice hot shower, Panda Express for dinner, and opening her birthday presents.

She was up early again for Day Two of the show while MudLynn and I slept a little longer. I took her for a constitutional, packed up my gear, dropped a Starbucks off to Sophia, and hit the road for home. I did a little Whole 30 meal prepping for the next few days, caught up on as much computer work as I could manage, and then headed for an early night.

Next weekend, I plan to sleep in, probably stay in my pajamas until noon, and do as little as possible. It's been a hectic few weekends. Perhaps I'll get the Paper Clutter Challenge posts up...we'll see.

...Darn, I'm not a numbers gal but I've just noticed that I've lost a follower. I was really tickled when the number went from 19 to 20 so, lost follower, if you happen to be popping by again, I'm sorry you're gone. I hope you weren't bored by the lack of content or offended that I probably didn't get by to visit you as often as I should. Looking forward to the day when I can devote more time to my blog. In the meantime, a big thank you to those of you who are sticking with me. I truly appreciate your reading along.


  1. HI Pamela - did your Downton Abbey set include the Christmas Special episode? It was such a lovely ending to a great series, I shall miss it very much.

    1. Yes, it did. I will miss it too. Have you watched Home Fires? I'm looking forward to Series 2.