Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday's Musings

I hope to have a graphic for you next week but for now I'll just dive right in.  Here's just a few things we've been doing lately.

Exploring new restaurants and cuisines in our area - we decided that we'd use the few months that Vic has left here to visit some new eateries

Japanese - Vic likes sushi and I have been experimenting with different types - the ones shown above are pretty tame - salmon, tuna, and avocado (the top one is basically the same as the middle one, just inside out) and a very tame California roll

Indian - there's a new Punjab restaurant in town and we enjoyed a delicious dinner for two combo there last week - samosas for an appetizer, lamb curry, aloo mattar (a vegetarian potato and peas dish), tandoori chicken, naan and rice, with a yummy dessert of rice pudding and a form of Indian doughnut in rose-flavored syrup

We went to Costco for the first time since Vic's been home and I fell in love with this washer - definitely on my wish list for our forever home.

LG Side Kick Pedestal
And finally, a view of the back of the house we currently have on the top of our top three list - don't you love those windows?

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  1. Love the washer, but I didn't want a front loader when we moved into our new home. And, the windows are fantastic, such a great view and I'm not a sushi fan at all, but our SIL would eat it day and night. Happy week!