Monday, November 11, 2013


Hyacinth Bouquet, isn't she amazing?  Keeping Up Appearances is one of the most hilarious BBC comedies and if you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing.  Ok, it's an old series, 1990-1995, but it's often included in PBS' lineup of Britcoms, available on Netflix, and on DVD.  Check it out.

I couldn't think of a cuter title for my new blog than The Lady of the House Speaking.  Hyacinth always answered the phone that way and my Mum who is sadly not with us any longer could mimic her perfectly.  I can't think of Hyacinth without thinking of Mum.

I've had a private blog for some time after a rather dismal experience with one out in the blogsphere.  Ugh, nuisance followers are the pits.  However, I've decided to enter the arena of public blogging again because although there was one bad apple, I met some amazing fellow bloggers (who, for the most part, have moved from blogging to Facebook) and I'd like to make some new blogging friends.

So, I'm Pamela, wife to Vic, a Naval officer, and Mom to Sophia who is a college freshman.  The Lady of the House Speaking is my daily (setting the bar high there!) thoughts, hopes, dreams, and miscellaneous chatter about everything and nothing.  I love (not necessarily in any order) England, royalty, 19th and 20th century European history, drinking tea, reading, writing, traveling, ladies who lunch, the military, Christmas, scrapbooking, entertaining, and so much more.  Welcome to ("The Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) Residence,) The Lady of the House speaking"

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  1. I'm so behind the times this week! Love the new blog home. xo