Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Little Black Dress

It's a big night tonight - the event put on by Hampton Roads CORE, Continuum of Resources and Education, a group I work with that provides continuing education (workshops and conferences) for spouses to meet the unique challenges of a military lifestyle.  Tonight's event is the Little Black Dress: Styles and Stages of Leadership.  It's modeled after the Little Black Dress skit that's been around since the 50s - how military wives wear their little black dress through early marriage to their servicemember, how it changes with motherhood, through deployments, and as their spouse rises through the ranks.  One of our committee members has written a skit and there will be models in their black dresses, styled for the various stages.  We'll also have a panel of leadership spouses who will talk about their roles and how they have changed.

Sophia is coming with me and we've got our little black dresses ready to go.  I needed something to put over my shoulders (well, ok, upper arms!) and picked up this little wrap at Nordstrom yesterday.  Just a browse through the accessories department showed me how sadly lacking my fashion sense has become and I aim to change that.  Mom on the Run is my current mode and I would love to get back to a more stylish look.

Then it was off to the salon for manicures.  I'm rocking a lovely new shade, new to me that is as I can't find it in OPI's line-up.  A bit out of my comfort zone but that's the new me!

Hope to have a photo of the two of us to share with you tomorrow.

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  1. I love the color! Have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see the know how much I love to see photos since I can't see you in person! :) And I'm interested to know what you take away from the event.