Monday, October 12, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-38

1. Another crazy busy week at work and the anticipation of a three-day weekend at the end of it made it just fly by. That's always a good thing.

2. Girls' Night Out event at the local mall - local businesses, home business owners, and local organizations had tables with freebies, drawings, coupons, and lots of handouts. The Navy Wives Clubs of America had a table and raised enough to buy five more wreaths for Wreaths Across America.

3. Busy Saturday with the Navy Wives meeting and a Meet & Greet event that had no guests no doubt because of the wretched weather so the members in attendance ate the potluck food and played games. After the meeting, Vic and I headed across the bridge to the bigger mall, the bigger tool store, and the bigger craft store. Fun shopping afternoon!

4. Spent Sunday traveling up to see la petite fille and MudLynn. Lovely visit, far too short. Took a detour on the way home to another tool store resulting in one happy hubby as he found a new tool for his woodworking shop.

Vic, Sophia and MudLynn waiting for our lunch at AB Crepes
Vic testing out the mortisers - I know, what's a mortiser?
5. Dug out all the things I plan to wear at the convention and sent it all off to the dry cleaners. That's going to take a second mortgage to pick it all up! Had a pair of trousers hemmed, stocked up on toiletries, and figured out what jewelry goes with what outfit. Just need to finish off my door prize item and I'll be all ready to go.

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