Monday, October 5, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-37

Time for a new photo and hopefully, more regular posting...still trying to get my work life and home life onto some sort of schedule. Taking out the Bests and Worsts headings and just giving you five things from Life Last Week.

1.  Outside is glorious - cool, crisp mornings, leaves on the trees slowly changing from green to autumn colors, and pumpkins everywhere.

2.  Everyone is doing well and staying healthy... Vic and I are busy at work and Sophia is busy with school.  Thank goodness for the electronic age that keeps us all connected no matter where we are.

3.  A lovely Navy Wives Clubs Officers' Installation Luncheon last Saturday with the largest club member turnout in a long time.  Add to that spouses and guests and it was a great event. We have quite an age range in our club - twenty-something to 95! So awesome to learn from the senior members and listen to the new ideas from the younger ones. Looking forward to a great 2015-2016 membership year.

4.  We're in the pre-house hunting stage and what better place for ideas than the local Home & Remodel Show yesterday. (Note: Pre-house hunting is the stage where we think we want to buy, just need to decide what, where, and will whatever the Navy has planned for us next work with that plan).

5.  Less than two weeks until the Navy Wives Clubs National excited!


  1. I wish for Fall colors...everything is brown here, but the temperatures and the humidity levels are down, so I'll be content with that. :)

    Have fun at your convention! Where is it?

  2. Sounds like life is as busy with you as it is with me, Pamela. Glad all is well with you and the family x