Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Capturing December - Day Eight

 I love that (s) on the end of today's theme - yes, one must use the plural when they talk about me and ornaments. I have a serious addiction - the inventory has hit the 700 line on my spreadsheet this year and I'm going to have to get another (the fifth) tree next year in order to display them all. I have been collecting for 37 years and have a huge collection of Hallmark ornaments as well as things I have picked up on our travels that I use as ornaments, ornament gifts from friends, ornaments from exchanges, and ornaments, ornaments, ornaments...it takes forever to decorate our trees but I love every minute of it. Every ornament brings back a special memory of someone, some time, some special occasion. The best (material) gift anyone can give me is an ornament.

I used to store them in footlockers but I've moved to a more streamlined sectioned storage cube set-up - they are still in their original boxes
The table looks like this on decorating day - I unwrap while Vic and Sophia hang them on the tree
Here's a selection from our time in Virginia plus a few extras - top row: the three ladies (me, Jodie, and Kelly), Great Wolf  Lodge, Cape Henry lighthouse, Liberty Bell
Second row: USS KAUFFMAN (made by Sophia at a childrens' Christmas event), Jamestown, tea set from Rowena's tearoom in Norfolk, King Tut
Third row: Norfolk mermaid, starfish from Florida, Triple R Ranch, Christmas in Virginia
Bottom row: King's Arms at Colonial Williamsburg (stitched by Jodie), Mount Vernon, Guy Fawkes (made by Trish, our favorite historical interpreter), and a reindeer made by Sophia at the Polar Express event at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens


  1. I love all your ornaments and especially the stories behind them...so many great memories!

  2. I'm beginning to doubt I'll get my tree up at all this year. I hate to wait too long, because then it seems like having to turn right around and put it all away again.