Monday, December 28, 2015

Life Last Week - 2015-45

We had a lovely Christmas full of all of our favorites - togetherness, lots of books, magazines, DVDs, yummy food and treats...a very special time for what could be our last Christmas together in Washington. Orders are coming and they say Vic is heading back to the East Coast. We'll make a decision about the rest of us in the late summer.

Vic had duty on Christmas Eve so we skipped our usual Christmas Eve celebrations. Sophia did open one gift although this year it was the Christmas Eve box instead of just the usual pajamas. The pajamas were there but they were accompanied by a book, a movie, a new Starbucks cup, and some hot chocolate.

We woke up early on Christmas morning and Christmas began when Vic got home about 8:45am. It was a lovely quiet day at home. We spent Saturday on a family field trip to Seattle - our first for the three of us together - and then Sunday was spent recovering! Back to work today for Vic but only for a few hours as his holiday leave starts today. The honey-do list is ready to go!

Looking forward to a quiet week before we all go our separate ways - Sophia back to school, me back to work, and Vic out on the high seas.

Happy New Year everyone and all the best for 2016!

Christmas Eve Box
So excited to see her new camera set
Big Bang Theory Lego Set was an instant hit
MudLynn loved her new sweater

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  1. It looks like a great day together, and MudLynn is totally rockin' her new sweater! :)