Monday, June 14, 2021

Hello Monday

The weather:::
Loving the early part of the week, not so much the latter part, definitely not that little HUMID box there on Friday.

On my reading pile:::
Didn't make a list for the library so nothing new here.  I'm shopping my bookshelves and working my way through the Gervase Phinn Yorkshire school inspector series.  Makes me long for Yorkshire.

On my TV:::
Done with Madam Secretary, on to Quantico on Netfix.  I think I watched it when it premiered on one of the networks but I don't remember too much about it so I don't think I watched too many episodes.  It does flip back and forth but it's keeping my interest right now.

Checked off the list:::
Still working on the house refinancing.  Vic sent me a new Power of Attorney but it gave me the power to sell the house (at the high interest rate) but not the power to buy it back (at the new low interest rate).  LOL, a sell and buy back is one way of looking at a refinance.  Anyway, a new one is in the mail - last one took five business days and a weekend to get here - Okinawa to Tokyo to Seattle to our address.  The gardener came and mulched everywhere that was heading down a soon to be mulchless path so it all looks nice in the garden and I met with the contractors and have a date to start the closing up of the opening between the kitchen and the morning room and the total de-texturing of the morning room walls.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  It does mean that we have two days to clear the room so I'll get started on emptying the cabinets (full of china and scrapbooks) so that all that is left when Vic gets home is the furniture. 

Crafts Roundup:::
I've been working on a section to add into the 2008 Family Album.  Sophia went off to a horse camp at Houghton College in western New York and since it was her first away from home overnight camping experience, Vic and I stayed close by in case the experience wasn't what she was expecting.  It was all she expected and we didn't see her for a week.  So, we went off on what came to be known as the First Annual Honeymoon (we didn't have a honeymoon, we got married on a tropical island so why bother?).  We took off in a different direction each day and had a wonderful time exploring little towns, Letchworth State Park, two of the five Great Lakes, and Niagara Falls.

Sophia on her way to camp

Letchworth State Park

Lake Erie in the background

Sophia on her way home from camp!

I spent yesterday down a rabbit hole of You Tube Creative Memories videos while I was working on my own project.  I decided to sign up again - I used to be a consultant years ago, now we're called advisors and there are no minimums, no quotas.  Yes!  I have a lot of albums still to work on so I may as well be making a little money while I work on them.

And in other news:::
We've passed another 10 point counting the days until Vic is home - I started tracking in my planner at 90 days, so we've passed 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, and we're in to the 30s!  Not really much other news although I'm going through a bit of a blogging funk again.  It's Monday evening when I'm finally getting to this and it may be the only post this week.  I just have so much on my mind and on my list, I just can't seem to make time to sit down and whip out a post.

Have a great week, everyone, I'll leave you with our happy family. loving this app!  Vic looks so mellow, I'm loving my complexion, and our girl, isn't she gorgeous?


  1. I love your cartoon pictures. What a fun memory of Sophia going away to camp. Have a good week!

  2. Great pictures. We didn't do a honeymoon either but not for your reasond. Just time. Like the idea of doing it now. Thanks

  3. I had no idea I'd been off of blog reading for a week until I saw your last week's post this morning. What have I been doing? No idea! haha So excited for Vic to return home to you. Enjoy this week!