Monday, July 8, 2013

Christmas in July 2013 - Day Seven

Week Two's theme is Silver and Gold - ornaments, decorations, gift wrapping ideas, tablescapes, whatever takes your fancy.

I thought I'd start out with some party clothes.
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Sophia uses a lot more than I do but I occasionally find an outfit that I add to my Pinterest.  I love to see the combinations that people design although the prices often make me cringe.  Never mind, once you have an outfit laid out, you can shop for less expensive but comparable pieces to make up a very similar look.  I have to say that I prefer the gold option above; I just can't see how that neckline on the silver dress would work, even with the large necklace as a filler!

Is there silver or gold in your favorite holiday outfit?

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  1. I prefer the gold too. For me just feels more Christmassy and you are right aboug the neckline on the silver one.
    I prefer the silver shoes though