Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Christmas in July - Day Two - Glitter Ornaments...or not

I have a confession.  I sat down and read the entire Christmas in July Book Club selection, Bah, Humbug! last night in one sitting.  It was a quick read for me and very cute...won't say anymore because my fellow CIJ celebrants are no doubt still reading.

The Orange Pom Bubbly was delicious - I had to substitute Cointreau for the Grand Marnier but they are both orange so it worked.  I mixed 1/2 ounce Cointreau with 1 ounce of pomegranate juice and topped up a big wine glass with champagne.  Cheers!

Today's craft was going to be a trial run of this Glitter Ornament.
Courtesy of http://theornamentgirl.com/blog/being-crafty/how-to-make-glitter-christmas-ornaments-diy/

I had to substitute a Mop and Glo product for the Pledge Floor Wax because I couldn't find that exact wax so I'm hoping it works.  I say hoping because a return trip to Michael's still did not yield the glass ornaments that I need.  In fact, the cashier I spoke to said that they would be putting out their Christmas in July displays next month (uh, doesn't that make it Christmas in August?).  AC Moore also had nothing so I am on hold with the ornaments.

I have another craft up my sleeve, this Christmas Pudding ornament:
Courtesy of http://bugsandfishes.blogspot.com/2008/10/felt-ornament-how-to-3-christmas.html

I have all the supplies for this one.

I'm off to enjoy White Christmas as our first movie of Christmas in July 2013; it's one of our absolute favorites.

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  1. You've convince me, I just downloaded the Bah Hambug and will start reading in a few minutes. I love the Christmas pudding ornament!