Sunday, April 13, 2014

SOPC Luncheon

Last Wednesday, members of the Tidewater Officers' Spouses' Association (TOSA) board attended the SOPC monthly luncheon (see the previous post for more on the SOPC).  This month's luncheon was hosted by Spain and Olé, did they ever put on a show!  It was awesome.

We were greeted by a gentleman in uniform and I didn't catch his name or title through his heavily-accented English but I think he might have been associated with the Spanish Embassy.  Also as official greeters were these two ladies at the entrance to the banquet room.

We wandered around inside for a bit, looking at the gorgeous displays, such vibrant colors!

There were lots of raffle baskets, all tied with the festive colors of Spain.  The SOPC has several charities that they support and the proceeds from the raffle tickets go to these charities.

It was time to find our seats where the waiters had already placed the appetizer plates on the tables.

Those purple flyers are from the Tidewater Collection - a great promotion for our shop.  We would later find out that two programs were marked for the table raffles - one lucky guest received the bottle and the other, the potted arrangement.  Three guesses who took home the bottle - me, me, me!

The appetizer was Queso Manchego y Aceitunas Rellenas (Cured sheep milk cheese and stuffed olives) which was delicious.

It was closely followed by the main dish, Pollo al Chilindron (Stewed Chicken with onions, peppers and tomatoes) and dessert, Crema Catalana (like creme brulee but a softer texture).  During the meal, we were treated to a video presentation of the sights of Spain and then the program began.  The Spanish ladies had chosen a dance routine, the servillanas, which are a type of folk music and dance of Seville and its region. They were derived from the Seguidilla, an old Castilian folk music and dance genre. In the nineteenth century they were influenced by Flamenco. They have a relatively limited musical pattern but are rich in lyrics based on country life, virgins, country towns, neighborhoods, pilgrimage, and love themes. (Thank you, Wikipedia).  It was lovely to watch because it's very lively and the ladies were singing along as they danced.  Added to that was the swirl of their flounced dresses and the stamping of feet.  Very entertaining!

TOSA is hosting the luncheon in November with a Thanksgiving theme.  Wish I could be a part of it!

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