Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I have a couple of blogs out there in the blogsphere and I've decided to combine them, in as much as that is possible.  I discovered the import/export option after Googling "how to transfer posts from one blog to another in blogger" and found it a rather painless process.  All of the posts from the former All Wrapped Up in Each Other Christmas blog are now here on this blog.  I have to create a bridging post in a moment as all of the Christmas posts are dated prior to setting up this blog so you will see the last Christmas entry on August 28, 2013 Christmas Card Exchange 2013 followed immediately by the Welcome post of November 11, 2013.  It just makes the line-up a little odd.

So, now that everything is in one place, I'm going to make a sincere effort to get back to blogging every day and hopefully pick up some followers as I love to make new blog friends.

And since I've imported all my Christmas posts, it just seems the right thing to do to import my countdown banner as well!

Christmas countdown banner

I hope that our moving plans, when they are finally settled, are not going to interfere with Christmas in July!

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