Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fab-ruary Day Fifteen: Fave Artist

Artist as in painting, drawing, sculpting?

Claude Monet
Or artist as in music?

Sarah Brightman
There could be a dozen other categories but I'll settle for those two right now.  Golly, these topics are rather vague.


  1. Monet is my very favorite artist!

  2. Artist as in whichever you choose!
    I love Monet, and admire Sarah Brightman. Do you prefer her in the Starship Trooper days, or in Phantom?

  3. I love Monet he was the first artist I learnt about. Sarah Brightman I enjoy on the Phantom soundtrack. Xx

  4. Sarah Brightman has an unbelievable voice, but when I see her, I always think of Morticia Addams. :)