Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fab-ruary Day Twenty-Five: Fun

Family fun...Friends fun...Food fun?  Here we go again, another dose of Fab-ruary vagueness.  Guess I'll have to go with all three.

Berkeley Plantation, one of our last field trips in Virginia
Family fun usually involves some sort of field trip - a historical site, a quaint town, a breathtaking vista.  We're not much for theme parks (although another trip to Walt Disney World would definitely be fun), preferring something with a little more substance.

A short hike through the Hoh Rainforest
Now that we're in the Pacific Northwest, most of our family fun will involve nature since this is an absolutely gorgeous part of the country.  We've actually taken our first foray into hiking and more on that will be coming up when I finally get around to this week's Life Last Week.

Colonial Williamsburg
Friends fun also usually revolves around a field trip.  During our first stay in Virginia, it was homeschooling outside of the house adventures with friends - Colonial Williamsburg, or trips to the theater or ballet.

Ladies of Leisure in Seattle
Friends fun now is my Ladies of Leisure group and we have a lot of trips and tours in the planning stages.

Food fun goes with family and friends fun.  A yummy lunch, a new restaurant, a potluck get-together, food goes hand in hand with fun.

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  1. Ladies of Leisure sounds fun. I'd love to be a Lady who Lunches!