Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fab-ruary Day Ten: Fear Overcome & How

I'm a natural worrier so I've got a lot of fears.  Over the years, I've had to buck up and deal with most of them - praying helps, keeping my fingers crossed, thinking good thoughts, etc.  Here's a couple for which I use different techniques.

1.  Cockroaches - covered here - how did I overcome this fear? By resolving not to live in the humid climate that they love so much!

2.  Spiders - overcome by a good, sturdy shoe and/or a can of hairspray!  If they are not easily swat-able (is that even a word?), a quick spray will numb them long enough for me to take aim.  Good grief, it sounds gruesome.

3.  The Dentist - a couple of ghastly experiences has really scarred me for life so it takes all the courage I can muster to make an appointment and that's exactly what I'm working on now.  Pray, keep your fingers crossed, send good thoughts my way...please.

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  1. I was afraid of spiders all my life...I figured if my dad was (and he was) then I should be too. Moving to the country cured me. There's a name for it...exposure therapy?...desensitization? At any rate we had SO many spiders and snakes in the country that I just couldn't be afraid ALL the time, so I quit. LOL I'm don't love them...I don't choose to be around them...but I no longer have a paralyzing fear.

    In the country is where I learned the best way to kill creepy crawlies. We had scorpions out there too (even worse where we live now) and when you swat those they leave a stain. So I would keep an empty jar and turn it upside down on the critter. Then I would slide an envelope or piece of cardstock under the open end, shake the bug to the bottom of the jar, slap the lid on, and put it in the freezer! LOL I figured it was humane AND non-staining. I hate wiping up the guts. blech!