Monday, June 6, 2016

LIfe Last Week #2016-22

I survived!  Week One at my new job was great.  Most of the work is similar to what I have been doing and the tasks that are unfamiliar don't seem like they will be too challenging.  My new boss is really nice as are my co-workers - I was there two days and they gifted me with a lovely name sign for my desk - it helps that the graphics people fall under our area!  I thought the week would tick along nicely, some time with the lady I am replacing to turn over and then off I would go.  That plan came to a screeching halt when I was asked to go back to my old office on Thursday and Friday morning to spend some more time with my replacement.  I won't go into all the gory details - let's just say that her Inbox (electronic and on the corner of her desk) were overflowing, staff had not been paid properly, and when I reminded her that instructions for all of the tasks are in a binder, alphabetized by subject, she said, "I think I should look at that."  Ya think? was on the tip of my tongue but I refrained from expressing the sentiment.  Instead I tried to undo as much of the damage that had been caused and set her a specific set of tasks to complete before my return on the second day.  Unfortunately, Friday came and the tasks were not done so we spent all of our time together working on them.  When it was time for me to leave, our Mentor/Leader summoned me to her office for a debrief and decided that she would have to spend time over there to see the situation for herself.  We'll see what this week brings.  My former boss informed me that if my new position doesn't work out, he wants me right back where I was!

I should explain the situation.  Administrative Officer A left her job to take a permanent position elsewhere so Secretary B (the lady I am replacing) took a 120 day temporary promotion to fill her spot. I, in turn, took Secretary B's spot also on a 120 day temporary promotion.  At the end of the 120 days, if Secretary B likes her new job, a vacancy announcement will be posted for both positions and we can both apply, along with anyone else who is interested.  That's the way it works in the government.  You can't just move people around without making a position available to everyone so they use the 120 day temporary promotion process to keep the positions filled.

So, three things can happen:  If Secretary B likes her new position, she can apply for it and if she's successful, she will stay there in which case my new position will be posted to be filled and I can apply for it and if I am the successful candidate, I will stay where I am.  However, if she doesn't like her new job, she can come back to the old one (the one I'm in) and I'll be back where I came from or if she does like her new job and stays there but I am unsuccessful my application for the position I'm in, I'll be back where I came from as well.  Are you thoroughly confused because I am!

I would really like the new position but, if I'm not successful, I'll be back with my former co-workers and I love them and the job I was doing so I'm really in a win-win situation all around.  I will have had 120 days' experience at the upper level position so if something comes up again, I'll have a few more skills for my resume.

The week just flew by and the weekend was upon us (well, me).  I had been looking forward to Saturday for the entire week and my massage appointment was everything I hoped it would be - sheer heaven!  I told Sophia that I need to give something up so that I can go on a regular basis.  She asked what I would give up and I said perhaps food, then I would be skinny and relaxed!  Yesterday I spent a delightful couple of hours with my Planner Buddy, Liz.  If you haven't heard of Erin Condren Planners, Google and check them out.

That was about it for my week.  I'm looking forward to the coming week and I hope that my replacement picks up the pace and has the gumption to ask questions and to explore the instruction binder and the many files that are available to her as resources.

It's Sophia's last week at school with finals and term papers due.  I hope that she gets through it all without too much stress.  I know she is excited for the coming summer at horse camp.

Have a great week, everyone, I really hope I can get my blogging back to where I would like it to be - daily through the week at least.

And last but not least, a shout-out to my new follower, EJagno from Cajun Celebrations.  Her Circle of Life post really touched me.  I gave up my job fourteen years ago to take care of my elderly parents when they came to live with us in Illinois.  Although it only lasted for five months as they decided they really wanted to go back to England to live, my Mum died shortly after they returned so that was five months that I was blessed to have them with us.  We had a lot of laughs and a few tears during that time and the memories are priceless.


  1. Just popped over and read that Circle of Life post - you're right, it's very touching. Hope your replacement improves, otherwise I can imagine you're going to find yourself doing both jobs!

  2. Had a great time on Sunday! Thanks for meeting up.