Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If this is Tuesday, it must be England #44 and Throwback Thursday

A busy week coming up so here's a combo post for tomorrow and Thursday.  Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, pulled out of the Battle of Jutland on his doctor's advice and was described as being "frustrated and disappointed" at not being able to attend.  I can just imagine, no doubt someone at the Palace is getting an earful tonight.  Prince Philip will be 95 on June 10 and is as strong a force as he's always been.  Never known for his tact, he has, however, been at the Queen's side (well, ok, a couple of steps behind as protocol dictates) for almost 70 years.

So, how appropriate so close to Mum's birthday and the Duke's that I found this when I was digging through a box of photos.

22 June 1954
His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh visited Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe where he was briefed by General Alfred M. Gruenther, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and members of the staff.
(Left to right:  Aileen Meagher, Sylvia Evenson (Mum), His Royal Highness, General Gruenther, Colonel Cross
Military history buff that I am led me to Google General Gruenther.  Turns out he was an American career military officer, Red Cross president, and internationally known bridge expert.  At age fifty-three, he became the youngest four-star general in U. S. Army history.

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