Monday, May 30, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-21

It's been a stressful week.  My replacement did not catch on as well as I thought she would and that has left me very on edge.  My new job starts tomorrow and I feel so unsettled about what my co-workers are going to have to deal with.  I know that she's new but she has had administrative experience in our organization so there is really no excuse for the pace she worked at during the week.  I talked myself hoarse telling her over and over again how to do simple tasks - a couple of my co-workers commented on how difficult she was finding things.  I'm doubly frustrated because the Mentor/Trainer wants her to work through the tasks herself and doesn't plan to sit with her or have anyone else sit with her.  Tomorrow, she's on her own.  I am more than willing to help as much as I can from my new position but I'll be working my way through my own training, how things are done in my office and what is expected of me.

Frustration, that's my word for the week.

On to the weekend.  I tried to be lazy and sleep in but I'm pretty much in the groove of waking up with the chickens so by about 6:00am on weekends, I'm awake and ready to face the day.  I puttered around the house, did some chores and some paperwork, watched a lot of Netflix and You Tube, and then headed out to run some errands.  I stopped at Macy's to look for a top - how hard do you think it would be to find a solid color, short-sleeved, jewel-neckline top?  Impossible.  I ended up with something along those lines but I'm still on the lookout for what I really want.  On the positive side, I bought a pair of pants and a few casual tops, all two sizes smaller than I used to wear!

Today is Memorial Day - I'm getting a little annoyed at the people who are posting "Happy Memorial Day" or talking about how proud they are of their military spouse.  Today is not the day for that.  Today is all about honoring those who died while serving their country.  I guess some people just don't realize that there is a difference between Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day (and don't even get me started on the people who put an apostrophe in Veterans).  I found this little gem, posted it on my Facebook page, and it's being shared by many.

It's Day One at the new job tomorrow.  How do I feel?  Cautiously optimistic, how's that?

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  1. That is a great image; so glad to see it today.

    Hope you have a good first week in the new job. And just think, you'll get a weekend in just four days! :)