Monday, May 2, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-17

Rather a quiet and uneventful week last week until the weekend.  Work times five is all that happened Monday through Friday although I went in early on Friday and worked through lunch so that I could get off a bit early.  Sophia traveled down from Bellingham and picked me up at work and we did some shopping that evening.  She is becoming quite the outdoorswoman thanks to her boyfriend's interest in the great outdoors so it was off to the sporting goods store for hiking boots and a sleeping bag.

Up early on Saturday morning to drop her car off to check why the Check Engine light was on and then over to the vet to take MudLynn for her follow-up tests from her mass removal surgery.  Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.  Preliminary results from the vet look good so we'll wait for confirmation from the outside labs and go from there.  Preliminary results from the mechanic not so good - parts needed to be ordered but the car was ready the next day so that Sophia could head home.

Saturday brought this little lovely - we are officially halfway through the deployment = let the celebrating begin!

Round one was the wardroom spouses' event - dinner and drinks (for those who were planning to spend the night at the hotel where we held the event).  I didn't plan to stay over even before Sophia arrived for the weekend.  It was a nice meal and fun to catch up with a few spouses I had not seen for some time.  It was also nice to get a bit dressed up - not the usual form of dress in this state!

The celebrations continued on Sunday with a lunch with two of the spouses I met at the marriage retreat we attended last May.  One is pregnant so it was a double celebration for her.

After all of the running around and revelry this weekend, I am looking forward to a quiet one next weekend.  I'm still working my way through Grey's Anatomy on Netflix so continuing with that may be all that's on the agenda!

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  1. I love days, as many grouped together as possible, where I never have to leave the house! :)