Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If this is Tuesday, it must be England #42

FreeFoto.com - Holy Island and Lindisfarne
Picture by: Ian Britton - FreeFoto.com

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

I first came across Lindisfarne when I was posting what must have been one of my early If this is Tuesday entries about Alnwick Castle in Northumberland.  Acccording to their website

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne:
In 635AD St. Aidan came from Iona and chose to found his monastery on Lindisfarne. The Christian message flourished here and spread throughout the world.  However Holy Island is not only a centre of pilgrimage. Its tranquility, spirituality and scenic beauty attracts a multitude of visitors to its shores every year. Undoubtedly, it is the jewel in the crown of Northumbria.

A causeway connects the island to the mainland of Northumberland and is flooded twice a day by tides - by staying on the island while it is cut off by the tide tourists can experience the island in a much quieter state, as most day trippers leave before the tide rises. At low tide it is possible to walk across the sands following an ancient route known as Pilgrims' Way.

The English Heritage site has information on visiting Lindisfarne Priory here and the National Trust's page on Lindisfarne Castle can be found here.

It looks amazing and it's definitely going on my list of places to visit.


  1. I have loved exploring the links in this post!

  2. I have loved exploring the links in this post!