Monday, April 18, 2016

Life over the Last Two Weeks #2016-15

In celebration of all of the royal events going on this month, we have a new banner! I've got some catching up to do - it's been two weeks since a Life Last Week post was up.

When I left you last, I was headed up to a new work assignment for a few days, Sophia was starting school, and Vic had a board appointment.  My work assignment went well, Sophia is enjoying her new classes, and Vic's board appointment was rescheduled and by the time you read this, it will be over.  The week before last was mostly routine Monday through Friday with work and errands and miscellaneous chores around the house, however, the weekend brought the Navy Wives Regional Convention and I'm still recovering from that!  I took off early on Friday, packed up, picked up the two ladies who were riding with me, and headed to the ferry.  We hit a lot of traffic north of Seattle and arrived just in time to check in and change our clothes for the opening dinner.  The venue was a little disappointing, a classroom in the Fleet and Family Support Center, and the dinner of spiral-sliced ham, fruit salad, pasta salad, bean salad, and rolls was palatable but that's about it.  There wasn't much on the agenda for the evening other than to declare the Convention open and greet everyone.  I would have liked some sort of socializing somewhere else, maybe a hospitality room at the hotel as it would have been nice to chat in an environment more conducive to having a relaxed conversation.  I got up early the next morning and scoped out the continental breakfast included with our rooms - ugh, packaged Danish, not appealing at all.  I knew there was a Starbucks just a few minutes away so off I went and Caramel Macchiato and croissant in hand, I enjoyed a very non-Whole 30 breakfast (remember the disastrous few days I talked about two weeks ago, it was still going on!).  Back to the Convention for the days events and what do you suppose was waiting for those who did not partake of the hotel breakfast?  More ham, more rolls, more fruit salad.  The morning was consumed with club business and Bylaws Revisions and when we broke for lunch, there it was again, more ham!  The afternoon wrapped up early and we headed back to the hotel to change for the Closing Banquet, praying that ham would not be on the menu again!  We were in luck, dinner was catered by the Olive Garden although by the time it got to us, it was pretty cold.  A few miscellaneous activities and we were done.  Back to the hotel and home in the morning.  Unfortunately, my morning came much sooner than I planned, 2:00am to be exact, when the smoke alarm in my room and started beeping incessantly.  The front desk clerk was barely able to reach it and totally unable to unscrew it so that was the end of my sleep.  I read for a little while, took a shower, packed, and headed back to Starbucks.  We left about 9:00am and were home a little after noon.  Time to unpack and head out again to grocery shop.  I had planned to roast vegetables and prep meals for the week ahead but that was a miserable fail so another few days of disastrous eating followed.

Looks like it's out turn to host the Convention next year so our conversation on the way home was full of suggestions and I'm sure you can guess the first one -- no ham!

It's been a busy week this week - work, a meeting with a photographer to take pictures at homecoming, bangs trim, more grocery shopping, and then working two hours on Saturday afternoon raising funds for Wreaths Across America.  An afternoon manicure, a quick stop to pick up a salad for dinner, and that was it for that day.  Sunday was roast vegetables day, relax, and catch up on blog reading and posting.

Here's hoping this week is a little less busy - have a great week everyone!  I'll leave you with a new photo.  As much as I hate having my photo taken, this one isn't too bad.


  1. You look beautiful! (I thought that menu went out with bell bottoms.)

  2. Oh dear, that's a lot of ham. LOL Groaning over the smoke alarm going off!