Monday, April 25, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-16

What a royal week, what a royal month it has been!  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in India and Bhutan, loved every single outfit, then the Queen's 90th birthday celebration, and a new royal baby in Sweden...I'm in royal heaven...and did you see Prince George and President Obama, priceless!

Here in reality, it's been a pretty standard week.  Work, work, work, home sick, and work and a meeting of the Family Readiness Group.  Vic sailed into Singapore and sailed out again and we're moving closer to halfway every day - lots of celebrating coming up!  I've leave you with a few photos for the week which is far more interesting than anything else I would have to say!

My favorite from the Royal Tour - love this shade of blue - loved the way she incorporated local designs and fabrics into so many of her outfits - photo courtesy of
Speaking of Bhutan, I think I just want to move there and dress like this all the time!
The man-made waterfall in Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

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