Monday, April 4, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-14

Another busy week that flew by. Had a few splurges over the weekend after the end of my second Whole 30 which railroaded into a rather disastrous run of splurging. As delicious as some of the things were, I feel awful and will get right back on track this coming week.

Work was busy; I'll be filling in for one of the Department Head Administrative Assistants on Monday and Tuesday so I am looking forward to a change but also a bit apprehensive since it's only one level down from the Executive Floor Secretaries. My Mentor said it will be good for me to get out there since if an opportunity like this ever comes up, I won't be an unknown. Not really sure if I would consider applying if there was a chance; I really love my current team and can't imagine considering a move away from them. We have a lot of work coming our way so I'm hoping that there might be a promotion opportunity closer to home.

Communication with Vic has been sparse as I know he is busy working on a new qualification. I hope there is an e-mail this morning to tell me the results of his appearance before the review board. Hopefully he remembered all that he studied and got a passing score. I received the proofs of Vic's portrait for the cruise book (sort of like a yearbook/annual of the deployment for my non-Navy friends). (Insert whistle here) My goodness, he does look handsome!  Makes me miss him even more. Can't wait to order a package.

The new seasons of Mr. Selfridge and Grantchester premiered last Sunday but since we don't have cable any longer, I caught up with them online later in the week. Last Monday, we had a Navy Wives Meet & Greet event, a presentation by one of our members who has a business, Clutter Controllers. While she's handled everything from people wanting to organize various rooms in their homes to those not sure what to do when they inherit a large number of items from a family member to out and out hoarders, her emphasis is on helping seniors downsize when they move from large family homes to a much smaller retirement residence or a nursing home. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Sophia started school on Tuesday. She had been planning to change her major to Art History but when she didn't make it into one class (she was sixth on the waitlist last week and moved up to third by the first day of school), she had to make a decision about declaring a major in order to continue to receive her education benefits so, on the advice of her counselor, she chose Multidisciplinary Studies (it's really Liberal Arts, don't know why they don't just call it that) and when she met later in the week with the Program Director, she found that it really was a good choice for her. I'm not sure what she'll do with a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies but it seems that she can go in a number of different directions so we'll see where it takes her.

Something new to plan - A group of my Navy spouse friends from our Florida days are planning a reunion! There are nine of us, we haven't all been together since the late 1990's when we were all in Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) together at the base chapel and our children were in the chapel nursery. A cruise, an overseas trip, and a cabin on a lake or at the coast are among the suggestions with the cabin idea getting the most thumbs ups so far. It will be awesome to see everyone again - I hope they are all able to make it. We're coming from the Washington, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Connecticut, South Carolina, and Florida so finding somewhere central will be key, somewhere picturesque but close enough to a city or attraction for a field trip. Next summer is the target date so it will be fun to chat between now and then about our plans. It's called the Sisterchicks Reunion, an idea from the books by Robin Jones Gunn.

Have you ever been a part of a Sisterchicks Reunion? I'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. That's a really smart way to go as far as declaring a major. That way she could easily qualify for a number of jobs. These days even just having a 4 year degree is helpful!

  2. That sounds like a ton of fun. Love the group name.