Monday, May 23, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-20

Another week and what a week it was!  Pretty standard - work, home for chores and errands, a Family Readiness Group meeting that's time to connect with a few people I don't see the rest of the month, pay day, bill paying, catching up with Sophia, talking to Vic when he can get a call through, the usual stuff.  I really thought Friday would come and go and then the weekend and then it would be Monday again.  Well, it did and it will but what a twist Friday brought!

I received a call from my Team Leader (I'm part of an Admin Support Team and our Leader is our Trainer/Mentor) offering me a promotion opportunity. It came out of the blue - one of the Executive Secretaries was offered another job and they need someone asap to fill in for her. It is a 120 day temporary placement but after that time, it can become permanent, all parties being agreeable. It's a promotion as soon as I start the 120 days and it's in the Administration building so it's a beautiful office. I'd be working directly for the Executive Director, I would consider him the number two man in our organization. It's so funny - he spoke to my orientation class (which just so happened to be ten months ago on that day) and in the back of my mind I thought, I would really like to work for that man. He's so articulate, such an amazing public speaker.

Anyway, I was so lucky that I had my password handy to get into my resume so I whipped out two copies and headed up to meet with him and his deputy. They looked at my resume, we chatted for a while, and they said I was more than qualified, when could I start? May 31 is the date. I'll spend a week turning over to my replacement in my office and then I'm off to my new spot.

I am very sad to leave my co-workers, they are an amazing group of people but they are very supportive and happy for me. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.

Vic is in port in Manila and armed with a long shopping list.  He's going to check into a hotel for a night of relaxation in a real bed so I'm hoping that maybe the wifi will be such that we can Skype.  Sophia is busy getting ready for finals and longing for summer horse camp to begin.

I visited our local Home Goods store for the first time on Sunday.  Oh, my, that is a dangerous place.  I couldn't resist the glass heart piece even though I probably won't use it until next February.  The red and blue crocks are perfect for holding my long utensils near the stove, the glass bottle is for vinegar (and I'm hoping that I can find another one to match for soy sauce), I couldn't pass up the red napkins with anchors on them, and that's my new china cup for my new office.  Makes me think back to when I started in the Chief of Staff's office at the VA; the Nurse Administrator came in and saw my china cup and said "Finally, someone's bringing some class to this office!"

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful transition and rewarding experience on the job. That red heart is gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations on the new job, Pamela - hope you enjoy it :)