Monday, June 27, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-24

Last week flew by in a blur and the weekend quickly followed that pattern.  Work continues to be awesome - busy, busy, busy with new challenges - I love it!  I suppose last week whizzed by even faster since I was in training all day Tuesday and then had to go to another training session on Wednesday.  Wednesday's was supposed to be two hours but since I had completed part of the training already, they said I could skip the first hour and come down at 9:00am.  I didn't think I really needed to attend but my Mentor said I really needed to be there.  What was that all about?

My "you really need to be there" appearance at the training turned out to be for recognition as Employee of the Quarter for our Code with a lovely cash bonus! I was floored - the training ran over; it was all a bit rushed at the end so when our Department Head made the announcement, I walked to the front, she handed me the certificate folder, shook my hand, and then it was "ok, we have to go now, the next group needs this conference room". When I got back to my office, I read the write-up that was in the folder and noticed that there was a piece of paper behind it - what a shocker that was! Employees of the Quarter usually get a voucher to spend at the company store for logo items and things like that but no, this was real Benjamins! I couldn't help smiling all day every time I thought about it.

Last week heralded the beginning of summer and that means polished toes!  Saturday morning found me in the massage chair at the salon with my feet in a tub of bubbly, scented water.  Ah, bliss!  I headed home after that to meet the car detailing guy who was giving Vic's truck another check-up after the mildew/mold issue.  All is well on that front so he used the appointment time to give it a quick wash and vacuum and a nice shiny wax.

Sophia pulled into the driveway about 5:30pm.  She had an overnight pass so we picked up some dinner, and watched some Netflix while we both worked on our planners and chit-chatted about how things are going with camp staff training.  Up early on Sunday - back to camp for Sophia and I had to make a run to Costco to pick up some dip for the afternoon Navy Wives craft event.  We had a lot of fun; I decided to modify the flag craft so I'll post a picture when I'm done.

And that is the end of another weekend.  No doubt it will be another quick week at work and there are a few things on the calendar for the evenings - Navy Wives board meeting on Tuesday, manicure and the first day of Christmas in July on Friday, and then a massage on Saturday morning.  Oh, my goodness, I cannot wait for that appointment!

I hope you all have a great week.

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