Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Volume 296

It's Wednesday and that means it's time to Hodgepodge!  Click on the photo if you'd like to join in.

1.  What's the last thing you did that someone else thought was super?

I signed us up for cake decorating class.  My husband will be travelling a lot while we are here in Virginia so I wanted to look for fun and unique things for us to do together when he's home.  We had such a good time and he said, "Why haven't we done this before?".

2.  The last thing you ate that tasted superb?

Baked potatoes with Tessemae's Creamy Ranch dressing - better than butter and sour cream and Whole 30 compliant.

3.  Supersensitive, superstitious, superwoman, superambitious, supercilious, supervisor, superficial...pick a super word from the list and tell us how it relates to your life in some way recently or currently.

Superwoman, or attempting to be superwoman!  I feel like I'm going in a hundred directions at once - how ever did I manage to work and get all of this other stuff done? I think I'm still in the "just moved to a new place" mode - settled, but not settled, but trying to be settled, not that that makes any sense.

4.  Do you love easily?  If you're comfortable doing so, explain why you think that it.

Yes.  I did when I was younger which usually meant that I was the one who ended up with a broken heart.  When I met my husband, I fell head over heels in love with him, couldn't eat, couldn't wait to see him, didn't want to be away from him for a moment longer than necessary.  I'm blessed that he felt the same way and we're still pretty much following that pattern.  I'm glad we're older and are able to deal better with separations because he's often deployed and travels a lot so we have more quality than quantity now but every moment is just as special.

5.  Valentine's Day lands on a Tuesday this year.  Will you mark the day in some way?  If you're celebrating with a dinner out somewhere will it be on Tuesday or will you celebrate over the weekend?

We will most likely celebrate over the weekend although I'm not sure how yet.  Eat in or eat out?  Who's going to make the final decision?

6.  What's something you are loving right now?

Being home and having my husband home when he's here.  He goes to work early but is home mid-afternoon sometimes so that's nice to be able to cook dinner together or go places.  I would like to go back to work but it will be at least 90 days (President Trump's hiring freeze) and by then, I just may be so comfortable back in homemaker mode, I may not want to.  I love being able to have that choice.

7.  Write a three word (or less) phrase you'd like to see on a Valentine candy heart.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

This has turned out to be rather gushing but I think that's appropriate for the week before Valentine's Day.  I'm a hopeless romantic.  My husband may drive me bananas and I know he thinks I nag at times but I think it's the biggest compliment when people say that we have so much fun together and they envy (in a good way) all the neat things we do.  He's my best friend and after 20+ years of marriage, there are a lot of people who would love to be able to say that.  How about you?  Are you married to your best friend?


  1. I am married to my best doubt about that! I tried cake decorating many years ago now...not a good fit for me. I hope you enjoy your classes.

  2. Yes, I am absolutely married to my best friend! My husband is gone a lot with his job,'s hard, at times, but it makes the time we do have together all the more special.

  3. Definitely married to my best friend. We will celebrate 33 years in June. The cake decorating sounds like fun-enjoy!

  4. We've been married 37 years and yes, my best friend! I took a cake decorating class with my daughter a few years ago and what fun it was. Loved reading all of your answers!

  5. I loved your Valentine-ish Hodgepodge today. I'd say that yes, my husband is my best friend. We've been married a couple decades+ longer than you two, and it's wonderful to be able to say that we're still friends, best friends. Have fun with the cake decorating! And oh how I'd love that QEII commemorative mug too! The EB mugs are wonderful! Thanks for stopping in today.

  6. Definitely married to my best friend, for 43 years this year. We tend not to exchange gifts on occasions, but we save the money we would have spent and put it toward getaways. And yes, we have people who say they envy us because we are close and have such good times together.

    Thanks for your fun and interesting answers. I so enjoyed reading them!

  7. Definitely not married to my best friend but that's the way it goes sometimes. :) I'm not sure I'd do well in a cake decorating class as I'd be way to tempted to eat everything in sight. LOL I'm back in homemaker mode since I quit teaching to take care of Baby M while her parents work. I think it was less exhausting teaching computer to 700+ elementary students. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  8. I am a whole30er too :) Just finished one in January and lost 17 lbs. I am eating mostly Paleo now and will do another whole 30 soon. I want to try Tessamae's ketchup since that was one of the things I missed most. I can't have eggs or else I'd try the ranch. Have a great week :)

  9. Oh, it would be so nice to be able to choose whether or not to go back to work. I hope everything works out however you decide you want it to.

    I am absolutely married to my best friend...32 years and counting!

  10. My best friend and I have a lot of similar interests, and that is what keeps us together so well.

  11. Oh, my, Hubby and I have been married for almost 46 years! We are such opposites but pretty sure it has worked very well for us. I love my baked potatoes with ranch dressing and nothing more. Abundant blessings!

  12. I was married to my best friend. He was my soulmate! We had more than 35 years together before he died in 2014. I miss him very much. Thank you for gushing today!!

  13. Enjoyed your post. I found my best friend too. I also found myself at home, not through choice, but that was almost 2 years ago now. I found I liked it too much lol

  14. Thanks for visiting over at my blog and commenting! I wanted to read your HodgePodge answers -- I love that y'all are still so in love!! I really love that he was willing to take a cake decorating class with you!!

  15. I like your answer to #4. SWMBO and I are soul mates and are always being affectionate to each other, holding hands, snuggling together, etc. When I was on active duty and went TDY someplace or during my police career when I had to travel for training it was difficult being away from her. I haven't decided if I'm participating in the A to Z Challenge this year. I was just too busy last year and this year bodes to be similarly busy, but I haven't crossed it off completely.