Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday 2/1/2017

Woo Hoo, there are celebrations going on in this house!  

Starting weight = x (can't even bring myself to write the number!)
End of Whole 30 I weight (January 26) = x - 12.5
Start of Whole 30 II weight (January 30) = x - 14.5

Almost three 5-pound bags of potatoes!

I was so happy when I hopped on the scale on January 26.  A Whole 30 eating regimen isn't easy but we made it work with some new recipes, yummy sauce options (totally Whole 30), and lots and lots of water.  We took off Friday night through Saturday mid-afternoon and enjoyed Chinese food from our favorite takeaway (I had about a cup total of Beef & Broccoli and Combo Lo Mein and ate it very, very slowly) and afternoon tea (which was a disappointment but still lots of carbs and sugar plus copious cups of tea with milk) and then went right back to the eating plan.  Imagine my surprise when I did my starting weigh in for the second Whole 30 round and found that I'd lost another 2 pounds!

I haven't been active - my back has been bothering me and the weather and my schedule haven't really been conducive to walking but I have managed to rack up at least 5000 steps a day most days on my FitBit (I know, most of you are probably thinking I'm a real lightweight but something is better than  nothing, right?).

I'm at the stage where I don't feel deprived because I feel so good (apart from the back issue - I think that ten days in the car, strange hotel beds, and moving things all around as we got settled in the new house really did a number on it).  I'm thinking ahead to Valentine's Day (one tiny box of Godiva - two chocolates - that's it and I might not even do that) and our anniversary (one cupcake and two forks, and I'll get Vic's favorite which is not really my favorite so I'll eat even less).  I'm beginning to feel my clothes are a little looser and long for them to be even looser still.  I'm looking at something hanging in my closet that I haven't been able to wear for some time and thinking...soon, soon.

So, off we go, another round of Whole 30.  I'm blessed to have a great support group with a couple of friends who are clean eating with me.  Pretty soon, I'll feel comfortable replacing that x with a real number and you'll see how far I've come.


  1. Woo-hoo! Great job Pamela. I'm so proud of you. It takes a lot of effort, but I can tell that it's worth it for you. I'm inspired by you and your success to hang in there and keep trying myself.

  2. I don't have my starting weight listed either! Great work! You should be proud :)


  3. Great job! I love hearing your success stories.

  4. Yea! And SO glad you are feeling good! I have a weakness for Godiva...I won a European vacation from them once when I found the prize in a Valentine box of chocolate. I don't know if they still do the sweepstakes any longer, but I won the best prize ever.

  5. Pamela, that's so exciting! I really have to watch my sugar intake or I feel crummy. But I know swearing off sugar altogether isn't realistic for me. (You might be interested in my post about sugar - - I normally would never put a link to my blog in a comment, but I thought it might be okay this time!?)

    I like how you're thinking ahead to occasions that could be disastrous, planning your strategy! Wishing you all the best.

    1. That was a great article, Jean, thank you for the link. I can't see eliminating sugar from my life forever but for now, I'm really trying. I've been more conscious about reading labels and if I limit myself to the really good stuff (Walker's shortbread fan here to, and Godiva, anything Belgian really!), I can splurge once in a while.