Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 10/9/2017

It's time for another Happy Homemaker Monday with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  Click here if you'd like to join in .

The weather:::

Still no sign of fall - temperatures in the high 70s, even into the 80s.  The good news is that the temperatures in Rhode Island are in the 60s and that's where we'll be at the end of the week.

On my reading pile:::
Still reading An Untamed Heart by Lauraine Snelling, the prequel to the Red River of the North series.

On my TV:::
Outlander, Season 3, on STARZ
Finished up Cadfael on BritBox, starting on Sharpe and Bramwell
Doc Martin, Season 8, on Acorn
Poldark on PBS

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - Tilapia
Tuesday - Grilled Shrimp
Wednesday - Chicken
Thursday - Saturday - On the road so someone else will be doing the cooking (and cleaning up!)
Sunday - We'll probably pick up Chinese

On my to-do list:::
  • Spouses' group board meeting
  • Last minute shopping for Rhode Island, get gas, pack
  • Continuing on with the Holiday Grand Plan - it's Guest Room week so I'll continue on in the Craft Room since I didn't get it all done last week
The only thing I didn't get done last week was prep items to take to the consignment shop on Saturday when Vic was home to carry them so I'll put that off until next week when the consignment shop is open again on Saturday.

Rhode Island has its own to-do list:::

  • Use the gift card we've had since 2009 for dinner on arrival night - I hope it's still valid!
  • Lunch with our property manager
  • Visit our rental property
  • Dinner with one of Vic's former co-workers and his family
  • Afternoon tea with friends from our Virginia homeschool days
  • Dinner with friends

Another exhausting list.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Stamping supplies arrived and I got a great deal on the Sizzix Big Kick machine at Michael's.  Had to order paper from Stampin' Up so now I'm waiting on that, I also need to find red embossing powder.  Oh yes, that Disney album still awaits its journaling.

Looking around the house:::
Laundry, sticking to the daily housekeeping plan.

From the camera:::

The finished product from our visit to the art museum's glass studio - a vase with an anchor design.  The anchor was made from thin sticks of black glass that the glass artist used to draw the design while she melted the glass - that's what you really call hot work.

Something fun (or intriguing) to share:::

I saw this on Facebook and I'm intrigued - anything to do with Downton is good news.

What I'm wearing today:::
A summer dress because fall still hasn't come to Virginia!


  1. I have ALWAYS loved watching glass blowers - the precise work they can accomplish from molten glass is amazing. LOL I don't think FALL has come to anywhere yet. My brother lives in Colorado and they went straight into winter and it's DEFINITELY (90's) still summer here. I hope Rhode Island is beuatiful with leaves and temperatures for you. Have a great week and an even better trip.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time in Rhode Island and find your fall weather. I need to get back and look at the holiday grand plan. It seemed like such a great idea but I had trouble keeping up with it and following a full-time work schedule. Now that things have (hopefully) calmed down, I'll have to see if I can jump back into it. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Re: Downton...FEATURE FILM in the works! :)

    70s is fall temperature for us, and I just want to see some! They say tomorrow and Wednesday will be, but then back to high 80s.

    Hope you get some autumn beauty in RI. Have a safe trip.