Saturday, July 7, 2018

Christmas in July 2018 - Day Seven

I've had this kitchen cabinet decorating idea pinned for some time - I really like these little boxwood wreaths.  The ones shown below are a little too wispy for my taste, I'd prefer to see a neater wreath but I can't find a photo that shows exactly what I'm looking for.  Boxwood wreaths are definitely something to add to my "Things to Look for in the After-Christmas Sales This Year" list.

Speaking of kitchen cabinets, how about something decorative for the counter below?  A lovely holiday platter would be perfect.


  1. I LOVE this platter! The wreaths would dress up the cabinet doors. If you wanted more of a country look could make little ones from grapevines or honeysuckle vine and hang with plaid ribbon.

  2. Love the platter - especially it's retro look. I currently hang stockings on my kitchen cabinets. I'd like to hang wreaths, but haven't found just what I want.

  3. Wreaths are beautiful but the platter is awesome!