Friday, July 6, 2018

Christmas in July 2018 - Day Six

This will be my Christmas tablescape as soon as I have a rectangular table at our forever home.  I bought the tablecloth and matching napkins - Lenox Holiday Nouveau - at Bed Bath and Beyond in the after-Christmas sale last year.  I think they were something ridiculous like 80 or 90% off and then I had a coupon on top of that which brought the price down to next to nothing.  I found both items stuck all the way at the back of a shelf - things get so disorganized with people digging for bargains and it was my lucky day.

I have this china - Lenox Holiday - but not the mugs as they are Holiday Nouveau.  My mugs are slightly smaller and less flared than the one you see here.  I hope to pick up a few accent pieces for a centerpiece this holiday season.

You can see the difference in the two china patterns more clearly here:

This year, I plan to take my regular dishes out of the cupboard and put them away and use my holiday china all month.

I found a Christmas tablescapes blog hop from last year here - there are lots of great ideas.


  1. Love the cloth and dishes. Pretty pattern.

  2. What a lovely pattern - your tablescape will be awesome!

  3. They are all so elegant! this will be beautiful Pamela

  4. I usually start with holiday dishes after Veterns Day

  5. What a fantastic bargain you got! So pretty.