Thursday, January 14, 2021

Let's Look

I had the best intentions of joining in with Let's Look but I got caught up in the Hodgepodge so I missed it.  Here I am, a day late.

Our coffee bar is in two spots, given the strange configuration of our kitchen and limited space.  First on the home remodel kitchen!  In the meantime, the Keurig, Keurig Rivo (espresso machine), and mugs are located to the right of the sink.  It works for now.

I love the mat the Rivo sits on - it's like a thick foam placemat and it has a great coffee design.  I have a couple more that I'm saving for the new coffee bar.

The second section of the coffee bar is more for decoration right now - it's over on the opposite side of the kitchen - two Longaberger racks hold our Starbucks Been There collection of mugs and all of my Downton Abbey tea tins.  There's also a wrought iron Keurig pods holder.  That's my Hallmark Happiness Is...display stand with January Snoopy, blowing on a noisemaker and wearing a party hat to ring in the new year.

The plan is, when the kitchen is redone, to have an entire wall of cabinets for special dishes - entertaining platters, tea sets, Christmas china - long cabinets with glass in the doors with a coffee bar spot in the middle.  I tried to find a design but the closest I came up with was this piece of cabinetry.

I hope you can get the idea - tall cabinets on each side, counter/coffee bar area in the middle with drawers below for tablecloths, placemats, napkins and something above for more entertaining-type dishes.  I can't wait.  In the meantime, I grab a pod as I enter the kitchen and take it over to the Keurig - hello, morning coffee!


  1. Love your future coffee bar cabinet. It will be gorgeous with your dishes displayed. I don't drink coffee, but I use a cheap Walmart coffee maker to heat my water each morning and have my teas arranged around it.

  2. I love your collection of tea tins & Starbucks mugs! The foam mat under the coffee maker is a good idea!