Monday, April 10, 2017

10 on the 10th

This looked like fun even if I am joining in month #4.  Click on the link above if you'd like to join in .  Here we go:

My current handbag is the Michael Kors Jet Set Large Travel Tote, a gift from Vic and Sophia for Mother's Day several years ago.  I love it - lots of pockets and a zippered compartment in the middle.  It holds everything!

1.  Matching wallet
2. Coupon wallet embroidered with "Dave (Ramsey) Says"

3.  Sunglasses with case - I used to carry cheap sunglasses but since Vic bought me this lovely pair for Christmas, I always make sure to put them back in the case
4.  Make-up case - I've had this little case for over twenty years and it's still going strong

5.  Notepad case with pen from USAA - this was a giveaway at an event and I love it - the original notepad is long gone but I can use the notepads from the $1 section at Michael's as refills
6.  Calling/business card case - I know the norm these days is to have someone plug your number into their phone but I still have occasions where a card is useful

7.  Poo~pourri spritzer - if you haven't heard of Poo~pourri, check it out here and the silver spritzer is here.  TMI?  Sorry!
8.  Purse-size current perfume, Red Door by Elizabeth Arden - I don't keep it in my make-up case in case it should leak, it sits upright in one of the pockets

9.  Tiny Creative Memories wallet-size case for all of these extra cards that I don't want in my wallet - medical insurance info, details about what ink we use in our printers, blood type card, reward cards, things like that.
10.  Extra pens - someone always needs a pen!

You may think my keys should be in my purse but I keep them stashed in a hanging basket at home.  I did this to make sure that Vic always keeps his keys in the same place so we don't go through a "where are my keys?" episode every morning!


  1. What a great Link Party! Love the monthly topics. And the reminder to clean out my purse. :)

  2. Glad you joined up. It's so interesting seeing what women carry in their purses. Fun post!

  3. Your purse is beautiful. I love a good deep purse with ample pockets and storage! I never thought to take perfume on the go but I have one I could use and that is really smart. I loved that you linked up :) xoxo ERIN

  4. Your bag is so cute! I love the color of it.