Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for Nancy Drew

The favorite heroine of most girls when I was a teenager was Nancy Drew.  I could hardly wait to finish one of her adventures before moving on to the next one.

It was interesting to find out the changes that have occurred in the Nancy Drew books over the years not just in the format and artwork of the books, but also changes in response to culture and taste.  I don't suppose, when I was reading the books in late elementary and early high school that I was much concerned with racial stereotypes, Nancy's assertiveness or femininity, all things that have led to revisions over the years.  It was also interesting to read how much Nancy Drew was an influence on many of today's well-known women, former First Lady Laura Bush among them.

My research for this post led me to Nancy Drew which is a fascinating site that covers all things Nancy Drew, a must-read for any fan of the books.


  1. I loved Nancy Drew and now my granddaughter does, too. Since most of my novels are suspense/mystery, she influenced me as well. My only YA to date is a mystery. Find me here.LINK

  2. Interesting post! I had no idea Laura Bush was influenced by Nancy Drew. I, too, loved reading her books as a kid. Thanks for sharing the link to the website!

    With Love,

  3. I read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys!!

  4. I was sure I wanted to be a sleuth when I grew up, thanks to the Nancy Drew mysteries. I appreciate the ND website - I'll be scoping it out for sure. A couple of years ago I saw a play with a feminist Nancy Drew slant and it was quite good and kept me thinking for days.

  5. I used to absolutely love the Nancy Drew books, who needed the Hardy Boys books when you had Nancy Drew?! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed week!