Thursday, January 23, 2014

1000 Days

According to this article in today's Daily Express, the Duchess of Cambridge is celebrating 1000 Days as a Duchess.  As a die-hard fan of monarchy in all shapes and forms, she's my number two favorite member of the British Royal Family (I mean, really, no-one can top the Queen!).  An international style icon, loving wife and mother, and philanthropist, she is a thoroughly modern Royal.

She's taken the media by storm in the same way that Diana, Princess of Wales, did back in the 1980s but with a noticeable difference - she's not the shy young girl who burst on the scene, captivating millions but side-lined by the ones who should have been her strongest supporters.  The Duchess of Cambridge has the full support of her husband, the Royal Family, and the Royal Household.  Was she better-equipped to deal with them, or is it that they are better-equipped to deal with her?

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