Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another Snow Day

(Top left) Tuesday at 3pm, (Bottom left) Wednesday at 8am, (Top right) 6 inches on the ruler, (Bottom right) Snow drifted on the windowsill and the view from our patio back door

It's another snow day here in southeastern Virginia.  It started snowing around 3pm yesterday and continued through the night.  There's about 6 inches on the ground this morning and that's brought our area to a standstill.  Weather like this happens so rarely that everything shuts down.  There are not enough snow plows to get rid of the stuff; what equipment they have is focused on clearing the freeways.  Consequently, all schools and colleges, most businesses, the military bases (for non-essential personnel), the bus service, and even our commissary and exchange are all closed today.  They just don't want people on the roads.

It's going to be a coffee/hot chocolate-drinking, movie-watching kind of day!

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