Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

Plans for moving to Washington are foremost in  my mind at the moment - are we really going? when are we going? how are we going to get there? where will we live?  In the middle of all those thoughts are plans for next Christmas.  We had originally thought that since we were on the West Coast, we would start a new tradition and travel for Christmas.  Hawaii was our destination but a disappointing bed bug report at the resort where we planned to stay, coupled with the realization that our plans and the budget were nowhere near compatible, effectively nixed that whole idea.  Plan B was Christmas with my sister and her family in Oregon and I really have to say that this was probably Plan A for all of us.  Hawaii would have been nice, but when you really think about it, my family is much happier kicking back and relaxing at home or in this case, my sister's home.  Family Christmases are this week's Friday Favorite.

The last time we travelled to Oregon was for Christmas 2008, what turned out to be Dad's last Christmas.  We had a great time; we trekked into the wilderness on a Griswold Family Christmas Tree adventure, howled with laughter when the boys (then 5 and 4 years old) were messing around under the tree and pulled the whole thing over, ate out at a great pub-style place that had amazing fish and chips, shopped at the Old Mill District, did a gift-exchange Target Shopping Trip, and had a lot of family fun with movies and games.  This time, the boys will be 11 and 10; they have a great relationship with Sophia because she has spent time with them over the last three summers and I'm looking forward to seeing my sister again because we have been apart for so much of our adult lives.  I am really looking forward to being on the West Coast and hope that they will come to visit us in Washington as often as we can get to Oregon while we are there.

I took this photo in 2008 and I'm hoping to recreate it this year.  Here's hoping this year's edition is not quite as blurry!

Alex, Sophia and Marc - Christmas 2008


  1. Hi Pamela found you over here. Love this new blog. I have finally gotten around to blogging today but I always see you on facebook so I am used to hearing from you but it is fun to read your posts. I love the pic. Dominic is still thinking of retiring but we still do not know where to go. I actually miss WA and Kira and her kids so we may actually go that way for awhile. You know I love Hawaii but Dominic has some leads on jobs in the Pacific NW. So maybe I will see you there. I would love that!

    1. I'm so glad you found me! I have really been trying to blog more frequently - I started out hoping for every day but it's more like every weekday at the moment. I set up a few repeating themes and that helps. I spend a lot of time on Facebook - so great to scroll down the news feed and catch up with everyone - but I really enjoying writing, almost journaling here on my blog.

      Still waiting for orders but they told us this month so we have 24 days left. Would love to see you in Washington!