Monday, January 13, 2014

The Week Ahead - January 13

Outside my window...52 and fair and looks like more of the same all week.  They say we're supposed to get another one of those polar vortex days but I don't see it in our forecast.
I am thinking...that today is the first day of Sophia's last semester in Virginia. 

I am thankful...that we (my family) all have similar viewing preferences.  I love that we all enjoy Downton Abbey and other British drama and comedy shows.

From the kitchen...grilled salmon with rice, green bean casserole for Vic, Brussels sprouts for Sophia and me.

I am hearing...the washer.
Always one of my favorite things...Pumpkin Spice Creamer, even when the fall/winter season is coming to an end.  Scored two bottles on sale for 75 cents each, and then 50 cents off each with a coupon making them 25 cents a bottle.

I am reading...nothing, just can't seem to get into anything right now, definitely have too many choices.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...just got back from dropping Sophia at school, lab work and picking up socks for Vic, will meet Sophia after her last class to exchange yet another textbook and buy some supplies needed for her classes and that's it for today.  Doctor's appointment tomorrow, Tidewater Collection board meeting on Thursday, housing community meeting on Friday, and Bunco on Saturday.  Vic's taking off for a few weeks so it will be chips and gravy nights and lots of British TV.

College Update...first day of class today for Sophia.  Had a horrendous round of finding a class to fit a time slot last week and the associated book exchanges when one after the other ended up being cancelled.  Oceanography was cancelled to low enrollment so she enrolled in Earth Science and bought the book.  Earth Science was cancelled due to low enrollment so she was able to find another section of the same class but then couldn't find a lab so she dis-enrolled and enrolled in US History II instead.  Back to the bookstore to return the Earth Science book and buy the History book.  Went to the VA office to drop off her new schedule only to find out that US History II had low enrollment and would most likely be cancelled as well.  The Benefits Counselor suggested a computer class since everyone has to have a computer competency class and there was a hybrid section available on Saturday mornings.  You only go to class once every four weeks.  Sounded good and enrollment was sufficient to guarantee that it would take place so it was back to the bookstore to return the History book and get the computer one instead.  As if this hasn't already been a huge hassle, Sophia received an e-mail yesterday from her English instructor to say that the text being sold by the bookstore for his class is not the one he plans to use so we'll be taking that one back too!  Her final schedule is Public Speaking, Math for Liberal Arts, English Composition I and Introduction to Computer  Applications and Concepts.

Volunteer Update...getting ready to send out the February calendar and will hopefully be able to make contact with a few potential volunteers who still need to schedule training.  On the lookout for my replacement since Vic called the detailer and we are moving to Washington this summer.  Not sure if we're leaving in May or June; we will find out next month.

Travel and Family Field Trips plans this month other than Vic heading out for a few weeks.

Still haven't picked up a camera so I'm sharing this shot of Helen Mirren from from last night's Golden Globes because I think she looks stunning.  Oh, to look like this when I'm 68!

Leave a comment below if you'd like to share your Week Ahead.

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