Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Life Last Week 2016-3

It would probably be a better representation of last week if I had a photo with the rain pouring down on the roof of a house - must look for one since the forecast is calling for rain for at least the next two weeks. Not that I'm complaining, just sayin'.

The week revolved around Vic's departure - can't share the details of course so I'll just say that he's going far, far away for a long, long time. C'est la Navy vie. I worked three days last week and then had Thursday and Friday off. I had planned to run some errands and then put together a care package for Vic to take with him but he ended up having the whole day off on Thursday as well so the care package was thrown together in the hour he tidied things up in the garage. Definitely not Pinterest-worthy but it was made with love and has all his favorite things so that's all that counts.

Friday dawned grey and wet, just about the same as everyone's temperament as we stood on the pier watching the ship pull away, taking a piece of our hearts with it. I headed to the ferry as I was driving up to pick up MudLynn for the weekend while Sophia went with the equestrian team to a two-day show in Oregon. I was sitting in line at the ferry when the ship sailed right in front of me, and then the ferry ended up following it up the Sound and actually overtaking it. It made for a great photo op but I'm going to share instead a shot taken by one of the dads on the opposite shore because it's really impressive - the sheer size is mind-boggling.

So it begins, the countdown until we are reunited.

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  1. Submarines seem big and then you see an aircraft carrier....those ships are WOW!