Monday, January 25, 2016

Life Last Week 2016-4

No work on Monday but it was still up bright and early to take MudLynn back to Sophia. I actually managed to catch Sunday night's episode of Downton Abbey online before I headed to the ferry. Sophia had a great weekend - two more ribbons to add to the line-up, 2nd place on Saturday and 5th on Sunday. Apart from hitting a bit of traffic on the way back, I made the 2:25pm ferry easily and was home about 45 minutes later. Time for a few chores, a little menu planning for the week and then it was early to bed as work resumed in the morning.

Work was busy which made it fly - five weeks' work in four days plus two Admin Support Team members coming to me for some training plus a long meeting on Friday meant that the end of the week was there before I knew it.

I put together the first care package for Vic - just a few goodies that I hope will get to him in time for Valentine's Day. While I was working on that, I prepped the next one. I love that 12x12 scrapbook paper fits the bottom and sides of a Priority Mail box perfectly.

The week ahead looks busy - work, a Family Readiness Group meeting, preparing for Sophia's birthday and heading up to Western's horse show this weekend. The time is flying and that's a good thing.

Here's hoping for a New England Patriots victory today!

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  1. So nice to see all of you are doing well. Miss you on MHH