Sunday, January 24, 2016

Paper Clutter Challenge - Days 5 through 9

Step 5 - Set up your file system

I have a system, a constant work in progress it seems, but it's working. I really like Laura's system and aspire to have one like that one day!

Step 6 - Set up a finance binder

I love the Finance Kit - I currently have most of my financial information stored electronically but am thinking of changing over.

Step 7 - Organize your receipts

I have a household inventory app which holds all the details of our belongings - it's been such a help with our constant moves and handy to have for insurance purposes should we ever need it. I usually scan the receipts and add them to the details of the item in question although I also save some of them and file them in with the manuals/warranties for each item.

Step 8 - Organize your coupons

This isn't so much of an issue for me - all my loyalty cards are on a keychain (I love that stores now give you a larger credit card-size card and a couple of smaller hole-punched cards for keychains). As for coupons, since we've been on a clean eating regimen, I don't have that many - perhaps just a few for cleaning supplies and toiletries - I tend to be a brand shopper so I keep the ones for products I use in an accordion file similar to the one Laura is using.

Step 9 - Set up file structure and paperless billing

I LOVE paperless billing!

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