Saturday, March 4, 2017


The Random and Wacky Holidays sticker in my planner says that today is Scrapbooking Day but my search for a photo to include in this post brought up multiple images of Scrapbook Day as the first Saturday in May.  A little further research yielded this image from last year so one must assume that the same applies to 2017 - today is International Scrapbooking Day.  Click on the photo if you'd like to read the post from Stampin by the Sea.

I also like this one - I love Wordles.  It's from Stamped Blessings.

I never got into stamping as a technique in my scrapbooking.  I started out with the Creative Memories company in 1999 and when they went out of business (before they reformed and rejoined the scrapbook arena), I moved over to Heritage Makers.  Both have similar albums and pages and I purchase some supplies (scrapbook paper, stickers, tools, and adhesives) from both but I also supplement from scrapbook stores (when I can find one) or from Michael's or other craft stores that have a scrapbook section.

I am terribly behind on my scrapbooking and it's one of my goals to get my craft room in order so that I can get busy and catch up.  I'm definitely going to need more album storage! 

 I'll keep you posted.


  1. I enjoy scrapbooking. My style is very simplistic and minimalist. I used the 12x12 3 ring scrapbooks or the 8x8 3 ring scrapbooks primarily. I am YEARS behind... literally, not figuratively. I am inspired to get going by the photo of your gorgeous scrapbooks!

  2. I stamp, but for cards. My scrapbooking is minimal. Your scrapbook library is impressive!

  3. I have always wanted to get more in scrap-booking but aside from the few I made for my relatives I haven't really worked at it. Your collection of scrapbooks is amazing, I'm sure you treasure them! I hope you have a wonderful week!