Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Christmas in July - Day Five

A celebration of all things elfish (or is that elvish)?  Note to self:  Do not use "Elves" in the Pinterest search box - nothing remotely resembling Christmas comes up for a long time!  Using "Christmas elves" was a little better although there was a plethora of Elves on the Shelves and some downright ghoulish little guys that rank right up there with Chuckie and those creepy clowns.  I ended up going with more of Scandinavian theme for today.

Nisser (in Norway & Denmark), Tomtar (in Sweden) or Tonttu (in Finnish) are the elves of folklore that Scandinavians have loved for generations. You’ll usually see them accompanied by their friends, the household cats. Your elf will bring your family good fortune in the coming year if you remember him with a Christmas Eve treat!  You can find a great selection at the Scandinavian Gift Shop.

These guys are adorable - they are featured on the Love for all seasons Facebook page and a link there takes you again to the Scandinavian Gift Shop above.

A cute craft made with Hama Beads - could also be adapted to plastic canvas

Another cute craft - the page lists "pine cone ornaments" in Spanish but the link takes you to the photo with text in Russian - I think a few pine cones, some round beads, a bit of artwork for the eyes and mouth and some tiny red beads for noses, and some fabric for hats should be all you need for these 


  1. Oh, the pine cone ones are my favorite! Think I have instructions for some similar ones somewhere.

  2. Love the Scandinavian elves!!! I want one!